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Oval LED Lights

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The LED-20 is a very small light, but with 2 x 10 watt CREE led chips, it has a great light output. So small it fits almost anywhere.
24 Watt Oval LED work light. Now includes H11 connector (same as 880 series bulb connector) so the light will plug and play on most tractors and combines using the same size light.
LED-9306, Oval Corner Lights fits into the hood on some John Deere Tractors. Uses Original Mount and Wiring, Plug and Play. Replaces JD Part Number : RE205361, RE181916. If you are replacing an HID light, you will need a new connector for your tractor, or an adapter - male 9005 to female H11. Note that this light is sold as an right and a left side light - you need to order both for a set.
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Oval 36 watt LED work light, 90° flood light or 30° distance light
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LED-4060 can be ordered as flood or spot beam, and is used for the 20 and 30 series JD tractors and other machines. Replaces John Deere Part Numbers: RE271574, RE181282, RE180613, RE271573. Replaces Buhler/Versatile Part Numbers: 86034865, 86034864, 86038024.
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LED-840 Oval, Flood or Spot beam - 360° mount.
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LED-6060 is an oval LED light for CIH combines and some JD tractors. Select from Hi-Lo beam or Flood beam. Replaces Case IH® Part Numbers: 87106352, 87106354. Replaces John Deere® Part Numbers: RE260102, RE173600. Effective Output: Low beam 2700 lumen, high beam / flood beam 5400 lumen.
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LED-6060 - Threaded holes - for some Versatile tractors. Hi-Lo beam or Flood beam.
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An oval LED-652 Hi-Lo or Flood LED light for some JD tractors and CaseIH combines. The Hi-Lo model fits in the hood on many newer JD tractors, and both the Hi-Lo and the Flood light fit some newer CIH combines. Replaces Case IH® Part Numbers: 87106352, 87106354. Replaces John Deere® Part Numbers: RE260102, RE173600.
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EHP-4 Oval, 20°, 40°, or 60° light, for the built-in "flush-mounted" lights on the "R" series JD tractors and sprayers.
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HP-4 Oval, 20°, 40° or 60° light. If used on the hanging cab lights on a "R"/20/30 series JD, please order the "R" series bracket. Also needed for the 60/70/S series combine cab lights. For Challenger tractors, the side mount bracket might be needed. Find those and adapter cables on the bottom of the page.
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LED-4024-40W - light for combine grain tank / rear / under shields and much more.
LED-7605F, 40° or 60° light for the built-in cab lights on the "R" series JD tractors and sprayers. Amber model coming this fall.
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LED-6075 Oval LED Light . This is a light similar to the Thomas HP-5 light, but 1000 lumens brighter at 6000 effective lm. Includes a pigtail wire for power. Select from 20° / 40° / 60° / 80° beam types.
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LED-765 series
LED-765 is a 4x6 style Oval LED work light. 6 x Osram P9 LED's at 10 watt each, 4800 effective lumens, 5000-5500k, and only 3.8 amp/46 watt use. Select the light beam type, then select the bracket you need for your application. Includes a 5" adapter cable that fits 9005 or H11 connectors. You can find more adapter cables at the bottom or right side of this page. This is an updated model of our LED-665.
HP-5 - Oval 5000 lumen LED work light. 20°, 40° or 60° beam.
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The LED-827 flood is an oval 27 watt 2100 lumen flood light that works well on smaller tractors and on combines for stubble, discharge, and auger light. Comes with an H11 / 880 series connector, this is the connector commonly used on this size light, and is the same connector as used on a 885 or 886 bulb. (880 series bulbs)
LED-4014 - 25° Distance light or 60° flood flush mount cab Light. This light is a LED light for Challenger & Massey Ferguson tractors. Uses the original mounting bracket on the tractor. DT connectors included. Replaces OEM Part Numbers: 3786665m93, 3786664m92.
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LED-7604 - 80°, 60°, 40° or 20° beam. This light is designed for use on the JD "R" series tractors, newer combines, and many others. 4800 effective lumen!
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