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8xx0 & 9xx0 Series

CaseIH  8010, 8120, 8230, 9120, 9130, 9230 combines light upgrade. 


This kit will convert the 6 lights on the top front cab with complete LED-652 lights.

Stubble lights and discharge lights will be replaced with the LED-824-S3 light.

CIH, 8010, 8120, 8230, 9120, 9130,9230

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CIH7/8xx0 kit
For CaseIH 8010, 8120, 8230, 9120, 9130, 9230 combines, this kit will replace the 4 OEM Halogen lights with complete LED lights, and the 2 lower cab lights + the unload auger light. You can add 2 floodlights for a total of 6 top cab lights if no OEM HID lights. Add extra lights if needed. OLD cab style only, see pictures.
$442.32 $456.00
LED-2208 Amber clearance light for CIH. Replaces CIH part 51446421, 51431551.
The LED-827 flood is an oval 27 watt 2100 lumen flood light that works well on smaller tractors and on combines for stubble, discharge, and auger light. Comes with a 2 pin DT male connector (male pins / female housing)