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Thomas LED

German engineered LED Lights, highest power and best quality. A new line of LED lights at Larsen Lights. 

All "Thomas" lights come with 3-year warranty and have been tested in Germany to make sure the lights are a great fit and have high output. 

Please watch a video about the Thomas lights here : Thomas LED Promotion Video 

Here is a video from Welker Farms in MT using the Thomas LED lights on their combine: Welker Farms

Check out mounting options here PDF and here Excel 

Cable for connecting the Thomas HP and the LED-660/665 lights to tractors and combines that previously used a 9005 bulb. Newer JD (20, 30, and R series and S series combines + other brands where the light replaced used a 9005 bulb.
Bracket for some installations of Thomas LED lights. Makes the light fit the OEM "U" clamp on some tractors - 1 7/16 wide.
Thomas LED "JD Bracket". Needed for installing the Thomas HP-4 and HP-5 on some positions on JD tractors and combines - used for the "hanging" cab lights, eg. front cab lights on combines and "R" series Tractors.
An add on bracket (2 in a set - right and left) for the HP-4 & HP5 oval LED light - this bracket lets you use the light on Cat and other tractors, that use a side mount light.