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We are out of many products - HO PAR-36 flood & Trapezoid beam, LED-666 60°, LED-1005 and many more, some will be here in 1-2 weeks, most around July 1st.


Featured products

LED-745, 4 x 6 Hi-Lo (AAL-745)

A 4x6 HI-Lo, 45 watt LED Light, bracket can be removed so the light can be used as a sealed beam replacement light. Not DOT approved.

CaseIH 9000 series Headlight

Headlight for the 9000 series CaseIH using 4 bolts to hold the light.

LED-409A 40° Flood beam

LED-409A - a 40 watt, 40° beam LED light for the center grill lights on newer CaseIH tractors. 3 used for the MX / Magnum, and 6 for the large STX models. Also available as Spot beam. Will bolt into CIH OEM light housing part #: 87455676, 87455677, 87308895

LED-652 Hi-Lo

An oval LED-652 Hi-Lo LED light for some JD tractors and CaseIH combines. Fits in the hood on many newer JD tractors and some newer CIH combines.

LED-48S Flood

48 Watt, 4.5" Square Led Flood work light. 60° Flood beam. A very strong built light!

TL7830R - Right side.

TL7830R, Right side LED Oval Corner Lights fits into the hood of John Deere Tractors. High beam, Uses Original Mount and Wiring, Plug and Play. headlights. Replaces JD Part Number : RE205362, RE181913. Tiger Lights.

JD R series LED Flood light (large light of the 3 on each side)

This is the large light in the grill (the center light of the 3 lights on each side) on the newer models of JD "R" series tractors.

HP-4 20°

HP-4 is a 4" LED light made for use on most tractors where a square light is needed. 40 degree light beam, 4366 lumen effective ! Much brighter light than OEM LED lights ! Narrow flood - more distance than the 60° flood.

PAR-36 Flood

PAR-36 size replacement LED light for the old style sealed beam halogen light. 5 watt CREE LED chips. Actual use is around 18 watt, effective lumen around 1450, raw lumen around 2200. 60° Flood Beam. 1450 lumen, 30 watt rated / 18 watt use. 60° flood.

High Output PAR-36 Flood

High power PAR-36 size replacement LED light for the old style sealed beam halogen light. 6 x 5 watt CREE LED chips. Actual power use is around 22 watt, effective lumen around 1700. 60° Flood Beam

LED 2 x 5 LED Light, 30 watt (JD 2x5 )

LED 2x5 LED light for the top front cab on the 7000-8000 series tractor, and front hood light on older JD’s, 55 and 60 series. 40° beam pattern.


4 x 6 style, 45 watt LED 60° flood light. Light beam is created in the reflectors, and a clear lens is used for higher lumen output. Standard bracket.