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SM 288 Straight Bar

SM 288 Straight, 50 Inch wide, 288 watt Combo beam (Mix of flood and spot LED's)

SM-240 A/W, 43" Single row LED Light bar, white and amber light

1 light - 2 functions, white as driving light, amber as fog light. White and amber color can be lighted both separately and together. 14400 lumen

C series 140 watt, Combo beam, 44" Single row LED light bar

140 watt, Combo beam, 44" wide, 6400 lumen. Photo is just a stock photo, 1 x 44" bar included only.

LED-840 Rectangular, Spot beam

LED-840 Rectangular, Spot beam
$45.00 $30.00


This light was supposed to be a wide flood light, but it is the same as the Hi-Lo model beam pattern on high beam, and can only be wired in as a single beam light. (2 wires) They can not be sold for the intended use, so if you can use a few - the price is right......

LED-2210 SPECIAL - Early model

Set of 2 amber flashers (right and left) for JD tractors, 7000/8000 series. For this "Special" model you will need to grind a plastic lip down around the screw holes in the cab, see pictures.