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Corn Cob LED Light

Corn Cob LED Light

Use Corn Cob bulbs to replace your regular bulbs in your garage, parts room, shop, cold storage and so on. Instant on, no waiting on the metal halide bulbs to warm up, or if you turn off the metal halide lights accidentally it takes forever for them to turn on again - not with the Corn Cob bulbs - instant on! 

Many customers use the 30 or 40 watt Corn Cob bulbs in their garages instead of the 100-150 watt incandescent bulbs and love the light. 60 - 100 watt Corn Cob bulbs as a replacement for 250 watt metal halide, and 100-150 watt Corn Cob bulbs for replacing 300+ watt metal halide.

When replacing the metal halide bulbs you need to by-pass the transformer and feed 110 /220 volt direct to the LED Corn Cob bulb.

2 socket types - E26 is the standard household bulb base - 26mm OD, and the E39 that is used on the large metal halide bulbs - 39mm OD.

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GL30WCCE26WCSNC5700KUDX4.0 (E26)
Corn Cob - 30W (With Cover). 3200 - 3400 LM, 5700 Kelvin, E26 Socket.
GL40WCCE26WCSNC5700KUDX4.0 (E26)
Corn Cob - 40W (With Cover). 4300 - 4600 lumens, 5700 Kelvin, E26 Socket.
GL60WCCE26WCSNC5700KUDX4.0 (E26)
Corn Cob - 60W (With Cover). 6200 - 6600 lumens, 5700 Kelvin, E26 Socket.
GL80WCCE39WCSNC5700KUDX4.0 (E39)
Corn Cob - 80W (With Cover). 9178 - 9512 lumens, 5700 Kelvin, E39 Socket.
GL100WCCE39WCSNC5700KUDX4.0 (E39)
Corn Cob - 100W (With Cover). 11462 - 11852 lumens, 5700 Kelvin, E39 Socket.
Jumbo Corn Cob - 40W. 4208 lumens, 5700 Kelvin, E26 Socket.
GL125WFCCE39SN5700KUDX (E39)
Jumbo Corn Cob - 125W. 13229 lumens, 5700 Kelvin, E39 Socket.