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Larsen LED kit for CaseIH 9000 Series

If your tractors headlights are mounted in a rubber grommet, instead of the standard 4 bolt style, you can find the light here: AAL-745 Hi-Lo or LED-4x6 Hi-Lo  - the connector style on those 2 lights are the standard H4 plug - we include the female H4 plug for a clean install.

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3 light models to choose from in this kit, LED-845 (2800 lm), LED-760 (4800 lm), or the oval-shaped LED-6075 (6000 lm). 8 lights are included in this kit, add headlights and grill side lights if needed.
$629.53 $649.00
Headlight for the 9000 series CaseIH using 4 bolts to hold the light. Can also be used on some Gleaner combines for the un-load auger light.
LED-760 series
LED-760 is a 4x6 style LED work light. 6 x Osram P9 LED's at 10 watt each, 4800 effective lumens, 5200-5500k, and only 3.8 amp/46 watt use. Select the light beam type, then select the bracket you need for your application. Includes a 5" adapter cable that fits 9005 or H11 connectors. You can find more adapter cables at the bottom or right side of this page. This is an updated model of our LED-660.
LED-845 series.
4 x 6 style, 45 watt LED 60° flood light. Flood beam is made in the lens for a wider pattern than the 845-2. Standard bracket.
From $44.00
LED-90 is a 90° flood light, great for large tractors.
HP-6 is a 6" LED light made for use on most tractors where a square light is needed. 20°, 40°, or 60 degree light beam, over 6600 effective lumen !
From $144.00
LED-91, amber with a built-in resistor. No need for special LED flasher relays! This model fits Sound guard cabs and older Steigers.