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6000 Series

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JD-6x10 open station
LED kit for JD 6210 open station tractor. Included the 2 headlights and 3 x LED-760 lights for the 2 front fender lights and rear light.
$355.99 $367.00
LED kit for JD 6000 tractors with round lights. 4 x LED-4405 lights for the cab corners, and headlights - add flashers if needed.
$335.62 $346.00
Larsen LED kit for JD 6xx0 series tractors. 8 LED lights in a kit.
$430.68 $444.00
Larsen LED kit for JD 6x20 / 6x30 series tractors with round lights. 4 light base kit - extra lights, headlights, and loader lights can be added if needed.
$213.40 $220.00
JD6xxx R series
JD 6xxx R series LED light upgrade. 8 x 4300 lumen Thomas LED work lights for the cab included in this kit. This kit is for tractors without sunroof, if your model has a sunroof, you need 2 x HP-1 + adapter wires instead of 2 or 4 of the HP-4.
$900.16 $928.00
JD 6xxxM-<2020
Larsen LED kit made to fit < 2020 JD 6xxx M series with round lights. 4 light base kit. Extra lights can be added as needed, up to 16 lights. JD 6110M, 6125M,6140M, 6155M, 6175M, 6195M
$213.40 $220.00
Kit for newer JD 6xxx M series with 6 round cab lights, 2 rear cab side lights, 2 fender lights. Add front mid cab lights and headlights if needed.
$905.98 $934.00
High Power LED 2 x 5 LED light for the top front cab on the 6000-7000-8000 series tractor. 30° or 60° beam. Can also be used in the nosecone on the 55 and 60 series tractors. Lumen: 3000 Raw, 2400 Effective.
From $29.00
LED 2 x 5 LED light for the top front cab on the 55 & 60 series + 6000-7000-8000 series tractor. Flood beam.
LED 2x5 LED light for the top front cab on the 7000-8000 series tractor, and front hood light on older JD’s, 55 and 60 series. 50° beam pattern. 1700 effective lumen.
HP-4 is a 4" LED light made for use on most tractors where a square light is needed. 20, 40 or 60 degree light beam, 4366 lumens effective! Much brighter light than OEM LED lights! .
From $112.00
LED-4405 is a Round / slightly oval work light made to fit many JD tractors, sprayers and combines, and some Lexion combines. It can be mounted anywhere you need a round floodlight. 40° or 60° beam pattern. Replaces OEM Part Numbers: RE233263, RE567623, RE219708, AL205375, AL202743, AL202742, AL175529, AL175528, AL174341, & AL150478.
From $55.00
LED-6606 60° flood is a round work light that fits many JD tractors, sprayers, and combines, and some Lexion combines. It can be mounted anywhere you need a round floodlight.
LED-760 series
LED-760 is a 4x6 style LED work light. 6 x Osram P9 LED's at 10 watt each, 4800 effective lumens, 5200-5500k, and only 3.8 amp/46 watt use. Select the light beam type, then select the bracket you need for your application. Includes a 5" adapter cable that fits 9005 or H11 connectors. You can find more adapter cables at the bottom or right side of this page. This is an updated model of our LED-660.
LED-4993 Hi-Lo headlight.
60 watt 4x6 size LED Headlight. Fits many tractors using a 4x6 headlight. JD 6000 and 7000 series tractors, 60 series JD, Older IH and many more.
LED-4643 Hi-Lo, LED Headlight for compact & sub-compact John Deere Tractors. High/Low beam, Uses Original Mount and Wiring, Plug and Play. headlights. Replaces JD Part Number LVA14946 .
2 x LED-2200 Amber w/ built in resistor, replaces OEM Part Numbers: RE217551, AT151873, & AT326622. Direct fit, Plug & Play.
Set of 2 amber lights (right and left) for JD, NH, and more. Now with a built-in resistor for an easy install. OEM Part NH 86507530, JD RE39582, RE39581, RE39582, CIH 1983404C1.
LED-3301, Low beam for JD 8xxx R series. Replaces JD part# RE288372, RE288373, RE563608, RE563609.
LED-3301A, Low beam for JD 9xxx R series
Plug & Play, Direct replacement. Replaces OEM Part Numbers: JD AL78177, Tiger Lights
From $98.00
LED-4417 - Plug & Play, Direct replacement. Set of 2 - R + L. Replaces OEM Part Number: John Deere: AL172568
LED-2207 Amber clearance light for JD