110-230 volt LED Lights

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We can do the calculations for your buildings light need, just send us an email with your building dimensions, and your required lux (we recommend no less than 500 lux).

We will only have the lights that are DLC approved, this is needed for you to get any grants or rebates from your local power company. Please contact your power company for the forms needed. The grants can be a great help, we are installing some 150-watt fixtures here that qualify for a $105 grant/fixture, but the amount varies greatly from state to state.

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4' T8 LED tube, "V" model - T8-V-18-4

4' LED "V" tube - replaces 4 foot florescent tubes, this is a ballast by-pass - you have to rewire your fixture in order for the tubes to work. 270 degree light spread, 2800 lumen, 18 watt, 5000k, 145 lumen/watt, this is a high efficiency LED tube.

4' T8 LED tube CK-22-4 Rotate, Frosted Tube

4 Foot T8 High Lumen LED Tubes, 22 watt, 150 lumen/watt. 5000 kelvin, Rotating ends. 3080 lumen for the frosted model.