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MF/Hesston Swather

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Larsen LED kit for the Hesston swather/windrowers using 5 rectangular cab lights. The LED-27 is used for the 2 rear cab lights, you will have to install connectors for the 2 rear lights. Add the "backup" light in the rear center if needed. The kit might include the outer frame for the top cab lights, but you will have to reuse the OEM part to install the lights.
$427.77 $441.00
WR9770 Massey windrower / Hesston
Larsen LED kit for WR9770 Massey windrower / Hesston using 7 oval cab lights. The LED-765 flood is used for the 2 rear cab lights.
$486.94 $502.00
Larsen LED kit for WR9970 Massey windrower / Hesston using 8 oval cab lights.
$589.76 $608.00