HID kits and parts

HID kits and parts.


As HID is used less and less in agriculture, we are slowly selling out our stock. Some bulbs might no longer be available.

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D1 ballast for CaseIH, Cat/Challenger, JD and other OEM.

Replacement ballast for D1 style HID ballasts.
$60.00 $49.00

D1 Bulb

Replacement D1 Bulb - 2 in a box

D2 HID Wire Adaptor

Connect a standard HID ballast to a D2 style HID Bulb

HID Kit 880 Series "All in one"

880 series Bulb. Easy to install, "all in one" HID conversion kit. 2 in each kit. 880 series bulb (880,881,885,886,894)

Wire Guide

Look in the table to find the right wire gauge for your wire length.

Replacement Ballasts 55 Watt Slim

55 wattt, slim ballast
55 watt slim replacement ballast.