HID Bulbs 55 Watt bulb

55 watt bulbs, price is for 1 bulb.

4300k is white light, closer to yellow than 6000k. Best for dusty conditions, compared to 6000k.

6000k is sharp white light.

Full Description

HID bulbs need a ballast in order for them to work, the bulbs here are only for replacement HID bulbs, not a new install. Only for use with an HID ballast. Do not order if this is not to replace an existing true HID bulb.

Here you can find replacement HID bulbs for Larsen Lights work lights, and most OEM HID bulbs can be found here for less than OEM dealer price.

Your JD or CaseIH & more can be replaced with bulbs from Larsen Lights for less than that $200 price tag....

The H4/h & 9004/h is a combination of a 55 watt HID and a 35 watt halogen bulb. It allows the high beam to be HID, but keeps the low beam as halogen. Nice for oncoming traffic, and makes the install easy - no extra 12 volt feed needed!  (needed for Hi-Lo HID bulbs)

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