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Deutsch Connectors and Kit

Deutsch Connectors and Kit 

Here you will find a Deutsch DT connector kit, single connectors, and a crimp tool. 

If you need the 2 pin connectors, note that the 2 x Weather Pack 2 pin male pins/female shroud and 2 x Weather Pack 2 pin female pins/male shroud together makes 2 complete 2 pin sets. If you only need one side - only order the set you need and you will get 2 male or female housings with pins and seals. 

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434 pc. "DT" Deutsch Compatible Connector Kit - now with "solid" pins and includes crimp tool.
"DTM" Compatible Connector Kit, "solid" pins.
Terminal crimp tool for "Stamped Pins"
$29.00 $44.00
2 x 2 pin DT series compatible connector, female pins/male shroud AWG 16 2 x male shroud, 4 x female pins.
2 x 2 pin DT series compatible connector, male pins/female shroud, AWG 16 2 x female shroud, 4 x male pins.