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AAL-836 LED Light, Spot Beam

Oval 36 watt LED work light, Spot beam
$68.00 $45.00

Hp-5 Spot 20°

HP-5 - Oval 5000 lumen LED work light. Spot beam

HP-6 20° Spot Beam

HP-6 is a 6" LED light made for use on most tractors where a square light is needed. 20 degree light beam, over 6600 lumen effective !

LED 60, Flood beam

60 watt flood light, 90 degree flood. LED at HID level.

LED 60, Spot beam

60 watt flood light, 10 degree Spot beam.

LED-120 Spot Beam

LED-120 Flood. This light is built !! Spot beam.

LED-150 Round

FF - 150
LED-150 is the largest single light we have.
$136.00 $124.00

LED-20 Oval, Spot Light

The LED-20 is a very small light, but with 2 x 10 watt CREE led chips, it has a great light output. So small it fits almost anywhere.
$43.00 $33.00

LED-392 15° Spot

LED-392 is used for the 20 and 30 series JD tractors + more.

LED-409A 15° Spot beam.

LED-409A - a 40 watt, 15° beam LED light for the center grill lights on newer CaseIH tractors. 3 used for the MX / Magnum, and 6 for the large STX models. Also available as Flood beam. Will bolt into CIH OEM light housing part #: 87455676, 87455677, 87308895

LED-840 Oval, Spot

LED-840 Oval, Spot beam