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Initial review: darn handy, not perfect. I'd buy it again.
Other stuff you don't know you will need:
1. A 120V to 12V power converter.  I bought a waterproof 30-watt one off of Amazon for < $20.
2.  Magnet mount, unless you intend to bolt it to something permanent.
3.  However much wire it takes to get from 120V power to where you want to have the camera.

Stuff you might find handy to know:
1.  not only does it put out its own wifi signal to which you can connect your device (straight out of the box), it also can be hooked to your existing wifi network in the future (which would require an intermediate skill level to switch the settings over, but is possible)
2.  There's some sort of (RJ45?) single prong connector (which terminates in a 2-wire pigtail) for power.  Not sure if that is waterproof or not, guess we will find out.
3.  There's also an Ethernet jack Y'd off of the power harness.  Not sure if it does PoE or just wired data transfer.
4.  We aren't using the external antenna, just the one that comes in the box.  It works for at least 50 feet so far.

1.  Does what it says it does.  Puts out a wifi signal, you download an app, you can watch your camera relatively easy.  We use ours for loading the semi at the bin.
2.  Works out of the box.  You plug it in, the camera starts broadcasting.
3.  App setup is straightforward.  Instructions are adequate.

1.  Recommended default (vMEyeSuper) camera viewing app wants to load an ad from the app creator every minute or so, which messes up the picture format and requires you to reopen the app to get the full picture back.  Which can be problematic if you are needing to see the camera at that time.
2.  There is a 1-3 second delay for video transmission.  So plan ahead, if, for example, you are loading your semi truck full.  I'm finding that annoying.
3. You can get a full-screen viewfield of a single camera with your iOS phone.  You can only get about a 60% of the full iPad screen view, with the default app.  In case you need the picture to be big.  

It's possible some of the app frustrations could be fixed with a different app without the ads and view limitations, and maybe part of that is the latency, too.

I'd buy it again, for loading trucks.  May be able to find a better value somewhere else, tech is always changing, but it does what it says it does and that works for me.
Guest | 2/12/2018 10:40 PM
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The delay can be fixed in settings - change from smooth view to real time, and it will be a less than a second delay.  A new app works better - "XMEye"