White 100 to 195 workhorse

LED lights for the White 100-195 workhorse tractors. This kit includes 2 headlights, 2 front cab lights, and 4 rear cab lights.
SKU: White 100-195
Full Description

White 100-195 workhorse tractors.

LED light kit for the White 6175 / 6195 / 6215 tractors, the lights used are the LED-8608 Hi-Lo fender lights and the LED-550 series lights.

The front fender lights are the LED-8608 hi-lo model, and for the front cab lights we use the LED-550 80° bottom mount lights. For the rear cab, we use the LED-550 80° and 40° bottom mount lights.

No connectors installed on the wires at this point, if you know what style connector is needed, please let us know and we will install them on the lights.

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