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Wifi Cam
Purchased and installed the camera on my load out conveyor.  Kenny promptly answered a few questions I had prior to purchase.  Installation didn't take too long and linking the camera to the app took about 2 minutes.  Works really well and have also purchased another one to put on an auger.  

-Any questions/concerns I had prior to ordering were quickly and informatively answered by Kenny
-The camera works quite good.  I tend to run on sd (480p) and its more than clear enough.  
-The app is simple to use and setup.
-Could load in the dark using solely the camera ir.  
-Its simple and easy to use.  
-Roughly 300' of line of sight range.    

-Can get somewhat laggy when running in hd or if recording video.  Having direct line of sight with the antenna is recommended if using the standard wifi antenna.  
-The app will close the video if say your low battery warning appears on your phone.


The camera comes with a short pig tail 18 gauge wire.  I needed about 30' of additional wire for my 45' conveyor or 46' auger.  Also wired in a simple toggle switch to turn the camera off/on.  

Bottom Line

The camera and app aren't perfect, but they do work pretty darn good.  Its quite affordable and you honestly wonder how you loaded without one.  A necessity for fast loading conveyors or augers when loading by yourself.
Guest | 3/4/2018 10:07 AM
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Wifi cam
Have been running this wifi cam on my main load conveyor for over two years now. No complaints at all. Very minor connectivity glitches. I have my power switch coming from keyed power as I drained the battery with it a couple times. Would recommend this product.
Guest | 1/6/2019 7:27 PM
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