Larsen LED Option 1 JD 4x60 LED Light kit

Option 1 for JD 4x60 tractors. Includes 2 x LED-8608 Hi-Lo, 2 x LED-845-2, 4 x JD-2x5, 2 x LED-845, 2 x Par-36 Flood.
SKU: JD4x60-1
Full Description

JD 4x60 Series Packets

Option 1 is for tractors using the rectangular Hi-Lo light in the front fender. 

Option 2 is for tractors using the PAR-36 Hi-Lo light (4.5" round) in the front fender.

The LED Par-36 use male spade terminals to connect to the wires. 12-24 volt. 3-year warranty.

Please note that the Par-36 Hi-Lo and the LED-8608 are not DOT approved. 

Lights used in this kit can be found in "Related Products" below.

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