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New Website Design

New Website Design

Our new website is live !

The new design will make it easier to find the products you are looking for.

The equipment search will now let you filter on category so you can find the needed parts faster. 

New designed invoices will help you with light placement if you order any of our kits, and if the kit has installation instructions, those will be added to the order email for you to print out if desired.

You can now see the shipping cost of any items as you view the products. 

Address verification doing checkout will make the shipping more efficient with less costly mistakes. 

All pictures are resized for a better viewing experience, and in the kits, you can see the related products on the right side of the screen.

Shipment tracking will be working - the system will send emails when an order is placed, shipped with tracking number, and finally when delivered.

We plan on adding combine parts to the site in the future, and also more indoor/outdoor 110 volt lights. This is on hold at the moment as parts are hard to get due to the after match of the covid19 and the extreme shipping delays.


Thank you for visiting Larsen Lights

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