Magnum Boxcar Option 3 - Complete LED light kit.

All lights replaced, including complete headlights. 10 lights total - 8 x LED-660 work lights and one set LED-1005 headlights.
SKU: Boxcar Magnum 3
  • All prices USD. If importing into Canada there will be brokerage cost collected by UPS. Check the "Canada/World" link on the homepage for more info. We are out of most of the LED-660 model of lights, any kits including those lights can not be ordered.
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 Magnum Option 3


All lights are included in this kit, 10 lights total.

2 x LED-1005 headlights, 4 LED-660 for the front cab and 4 LED-660 for the rear. 

Lights used in this kit can be found in "Related Products" below.


Fits: 7110,7120,7130,7140,7150,7210,7220,7230,7240,7250,8910,8920,8930,8940,8950, CaseIH, Case ih,

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