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Set of 2 amber flashers (right and left) for JD tractors, 7000/8000 series.
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LED-2210 Amber flasher for JD 7000 & 8000 series tractor. 

Replace your old dim flashers with new LED flashers. Super bright, easy install.

You will need to splice the wires together or supply a female flat spade connector, the lights come with male flat spades installed.

One set - Right and Left side (2 lights) 

On some tractors, the roof "floor" has deformed due to environmental factors like heat/cold, and the new lights are not fitting 100%. 

The fix is installing washers between the light and the roof floor, see pictures below. 

LED-2210 install




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Existing reviews
Bright, decent quality, but fit is an issue
Bought these for my 7920. I had to grind down the cab like the previous review stated. Not a big deal but for the cost they should fit better. Once installed they look good and are very bright.
Guest | 2/17/2019 7:26 PM
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A manager responded to this review
The fitment issue has been fixed.
Works well
Installed on a  JD8410, no problems - installed washer under the light as the plastic roof had distorted some due to age.
Richard Yaggie | 1/8/2020 10:41 PM
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Still don't fit
Previous review said fitting problem had been fixed so I bought these for a 8100. Well the washer fix is because the light isn't made right not because of a tractor issue. Will have to either washer it up which isn't good because it won't be supported or grind down the plastic ridge beside the on bolt hole on the cab so it sets down on the cab properly. Not hard  to grind out but hope cutting the ridge doesn't let water run in somewhere it shouldn't! I'm guessing this is why they are on sale.
Guest | 9/4/2020 8:43 PM
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A manager responded to this review
If you had to grind on the cab around the bolt holes, you got an really old model, that issue was fixed. We are working on a new model that will be aluminium and fit better no matter how old the tractors are.
follow instructions and fit correctly
was told may not fit correctly on a 8410, 9300 and 8220 unless washer up or grind 1 tab flat.. we opted to grind, to me it fit better and was supported better.. nice bright lights. for the $ cant complain about little grinding.
nathan hirsch | 2/8/2021 3:09 PM
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