JD R series LED Flood light (large light of the 3 on each side)

This is the large light in the grill (the center light of the 3 lights on each side) on the newer models of JD "R" series tractors.
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JD R series LED Flood light (large) 8302258 


Operating Voltage: 10-30V DC
Size : 4.5"
5W x 8 USA CREE LEDs 40 watt
Lumen: 3000
Color: 6000K
Material: aluminum housing
Lens material: Scratch-resistant PC - 60° beam
50000 hours


Sprayer : R4023, R4030, R4038, R4040I, R4044, R4045, R4060,
Tractor : 6105M Interim Tier 4, 6105R Interim Tier 4, 6110M, 6110M Final Tier 4, 6110M Final Tier 4, 6110R Final Tier 4, 6115M Interim Tier 4, 6115R Interim Tier 4, 120M Final Tier 4, 6120R Final Tier 4, 6125M Interim Tier 4, 6125R Interim Tier 4, 6130M Final Tier 4, 6130R Final Tier 4, 6135M Final Tier 4, 6135R Final Tier 4, 6140M Interim Tier 4, 6140R Interim Tier 4, 6145M Final Tier 4, 6145R Final Tier 4, 6150M Interim Tier 4, 6150R Interim Tier 4, 6150RH Interim Tier 4, 6155M Final Tier 4, 6155R Final Tier 4, 6155RH Final Tier 4, 6170M Interim Tier 4, 6170R Interim Tier 4, 6175M Final Tier 4, 6175R Final Tier 4, 6190R Interim Tier 46195M Final Tier 4, 6195R Final Tier 4, 6210R Interim Tier 4, 6215R Final Tier 4, 6230R Final Tier 4, 6250R Final Tier 4, 7200R Prior to S/N 080000, 7210R Eff. S/N 080001, 7215R Prior to S/N 080000, 7230R7250R Eff. S/N 080001, 7260R Prior to S/N 080000, 7270R Eff. S/N 080001, 7280R Prior to S/N 080000, 7290R Eff. S/N 0800017310R Eff. S/N 080001, 8225R Eff. S/N 120000, 8235R Eff. S/N 016001-090000, 8245R Eff. S/N 090001, 8260R Eff. S/N 016001-090000, 8270R Eff. S/N 090001, 8285R Eff. S/N 016001-090000, 8295R Eff. S/N 090001, 8310R Eff. S/N 016001-090000, 8310RT Eff. S/N 902501-912000, 8320R Eff. S/N 090001, 8320RT Eff. S/N 912001, 8335R Eff. S/N 016001, 8335RT Eff. S/N 902501-912000, 8345R Eff. S/N 090001, 8345RT Eff. S/N 920001, 8360R Eff. S/N 016001-090000, 8360RT Eff. S/N 902501-912000, 8370R Eff. S/N 090001, 8370RT Eff. S/N 920001, 8400R Eff. S/N 115000,

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