Larsen LED kit made to fit JD 7x20 / 7x30 series.

JD 7x20 / 7x30 series LED light kit. 4 grill lights, 2 front cab, and 2 rear lights included. Add 2 extra lights for the rear if needed.
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JD 7x20 / 7x30 series LED light kit. 


Comes with connectors that fit the 20 and 30 series JD / plug and play. 

The bracket used for the lights will install into the JD light "U" clamp - no need to use included "U" clamp, just remove the OEM light only, leaving the OEM "U" clamp for the new LED light.

8 light total,  2 x TL7820 Hi-Lo grill lights, 2 x TL7830 grill corner lights, 2 x LED-666 60° front cab flood work lights, 2 x LED-666 60° rear flood fender lights. The LED-666 used in this kit is a 4100 effective lumen light at 5000k

Add extra LED-666 LED lights if needed for the rear cab.

The light used in this kit: 

LED-666 Oval    TL7820    TL7830


7630, 7720, 7730, 7820, 7830, 7920, 7930,



Larsen LED kit made to fit JD 7x20 / 7x30 series. - QrCodeImage
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