Gleaner - R42 / R52 / R62 / R72 - LED bulb replacement

Gleaner - R42 / R52 / R62 / R72 series combine light upgrade. Only for models with replaceable SP11 bulbs. Please check your combine before ordering. Converts the halogen SP11 bulb to an LED SP11 bulb.
SKU: Gleaner R42/52/62/72
  • All prices USD. If importing into Canada there will be brokerage cost collected by UPS. Check the "Canada/World" link on the homepage for more info. We are out of most of the LED-660 model of lights, any kits including those lights can not be ordered. ETA back in stock late June.
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Gleaner -  R42 / R52 / R62 / R72 series combine light upgrade.


 As Gleaner is new to us, please verify that your combine currently uses an SP11 halogen bulb before ordering.

This kit is for the Gleaner combines using the built in cab lights, (R42 s/n >43001 and R52 s/n >52001) All R62 to R72. For older combines using the round 4.5" light, please check here :  Older Gleaner

We use high power LED bulbs to convert the OEM lights to LED, it is as simple as changing a bulb, just remove the OEM halogen bulb, install the LED bulb, spread the cooling cables on the rear of the bulb, connect power and you are done. 

You can add the 2 stubble lights / lower cab lights if needed, we recommend adding the lights as they work really well. 

The unloading auger light (mounted in the cab) can be replaced with the LED-9000 headlight, but you will have to make your own electrical connection as our plug is designed for other use.

About the LED bulbs/kits :

The latest LED bulb model P70 is a 6600 lumen, 5500k bulb that uses an innovative cooling system, no fan is needed, no more trouble with led bulbs overheating. The bulb uses a braided copper ribbon cable instead of cooling fins or a fan. Compare the 6600 lumens to the 1000-1600 lumen in your halogen lights.

Lights used in this kit can be found in "Related Products" below.  

Gleaner, R42, R52, R62, R72

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