Ford NH Genesis Series

This kit is for the Ford NH 8x70 series Genesis tractors. 1996 and up. It includes LED lights for the 4 rear work lights and the front upper 2 cab lights. Select headlight type and extra lights if needed. Plug and play.
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Ford NH Genesis Series - 8x70 (1996 and up)


This kit is for the Ford NH 8x70 series Genesis tractors. It includes LED lights for the 4 rear work lights, the front upper 2 cab lights.

You can add complete LED headlights or bulb replacements for the headlights, and 2 extra work lights if needed.

The LED lights used is the LED-660 series and LED bulbs 880 series or the LED-1351 complete headlight set for the front grill lights.

The LED-660 is used as an 80° and a 40° flood light on this tractor. The 80° is a very wide flood light and the 40° is close to a trapezoid light.

The extra lights that can be added are the side mount lights for the lower front cab.

Note : On some models, the radiator pack is too wide for the space needed for the LED bulbs, you need 4" behind the lights for the bulbs to fit. Please check before ordering. The complete headlight LED-1351 will work on all.

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night and day difference
We recently upgraded our New Holland 8670 to all LED,  night and day difference, no pun intended.  It is now a pleasure to work at night instead of dreading it.  Visibility on the road is also dramatically improved.  Well worth the cost.
Guest | 8/23/2017 12:20 PM
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