Ford NH 9x8x series Option 1

This kit is for the Ford NH 9x8x series tractors. It includes 10 lights, if your tractor have the 4 cab lights, you can add them below.
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Ford NH 9x8x series LED light kit 


This kit is for the Ford NH 9x8x series tractors. It includes LED lights for the 4 rear work lights, the 2 front fender lights and the LED lights for the 4 front grill lights.

The cab lights can be added below if needed.

The LED lights used are the LED-660 series lights, this is a 4100 lumen effective light. 

2 of the front grill lights use the LED-660 25°, and 2 front grill lights use the LED-660 60° with a side mount bracket, and this is also how the top cab lights are mounted. The rear fender and front fender are the bottom mount LED-660 80° and 60°.

Lights used in this kit can be found in "Related Products" below. 

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