CaseIH FLX series LED kit

LED Light kit for FLX spreaders. Includes 9 lights. Add 2 for the rear if needed. Many variations of the FLX spreaders - please check your setup before ordering to make sure all the lights are needed.
Full Description

CaseIH FLX series LED kit.

Included in this kit : 1 set LED-1207 headlights, 1 x LED-1206 Center grill light, 2 x LED-660 25° for the front top cab, 2 x LED-660 60° for the rear top cab, and 2 x LED-660 80° for the lower center boom lights. 

Add 2 LED-660 60° lights for the rear spreader box if needed.

Lights used in this kit : LED-1207    LED-1206    LED-660

Fits: FLX, 3010, 3020, 3030,  4510, 4520, 4530, 4540,

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