Blue Spray Boom Light - 27 watt

4" 27W LED Sprayer Boom Lights.
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Blue Spray Boom Light

Model 0271B1

An accurate and proper sprayer boom illumination will enable you to see and monitor properly functioning nozzles and spray pattern from the cab.

The 4“ 27W Blue LED Light is specially designed for crop spraying equipment not only ensuring the perfect illumination of the nozzles and spray pattern but also providing a much higher contrasting blue light than any other traditional white light or blue lens lights. 

Our Blue LED lights have a much lower investment cost , require less installation time and are much easier and quicker to clean compared to 48 or 72 individual crop sprayer nozzle lights. 

Below links to a customer supplied videos. In video 1 and 2 they decided to mount the lights behind the boom, I have only tried mounting the lights ahead of the boom, 3-6 inch ahead and 3-6 inch below, right of the hinge point so the light beam follows the boom angle no matter where the boom is set.

It works no matter where the light is placed, ahead or behind. I still believe that placing the lights ahead of the nozzles is the best - less mist will accumulate on the lens, and the light has less vapor mist to penetrate. 


Video of blue lights on sprayer 1

Video of blue lights in action 2

Blue spray boom lights 3

120' sprayer with the blue spray boom lights


Features :


High-Powered 9 x 3 Watt CREE LEDs
50,000+ Hr LED Lifespan
Instant On / Off - No Warm Up
RoHS Compliant
Over / Under Voltage Protection
Cast Aluminum Housing
Durable PC Lens
Two-Year Warranty

There are usually no meaningful lumens on the blue light because it's measured and the data is very small. 

Considering it's 3W CREE chips, the raw lumens should be 2160lm.


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