Ball Bottom Mount Bracket for LED-660/666

Ball Bottom Mount Bracket LED-660 & 666. For JD tractors using a 1" ball mount bracket. Can not be used in the JD 8000 series grill, only LED-630 can be used for that application.
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Brackets for LED-660 & LED-666

The brackets will fit different applications, please select accordingly.  

The standard bottom mount works in most cases for mounting the lights, it fits the Boxcar Magnum and newer STX cab lights and also on the MX and newer Magnums. It is a low profile mount.

The standard side mount is used when you need the mount on the side of the light, example the lower cab lights on the Boxcar Magnum and newer JD, CIH and FNH tractors use this mount + more.

The "Solid" mount was made for applications with high vibration, and it works in place of most mounts on fenders and in the open where it does not matter if the light is a little taller.

The Ball mounts (bottom and side) are for the JD 7000 and 8000 series tractors that use a 1" ball mount style bracket. You will have to reuse your existing holder to mount the light.

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